Bowler Rewards

Rewards from our major sponsor*

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The bowler from the youth divisions with the highest overall stats will be awarded a 1 year staff contract with Brunswick Bowling**

  • Knock_Out_Black_Blue_Core_1600x1600_17f4986ac7f4990eb3b95b1b30d5f652
  • Knock_Out_Black_Blue_1600x1600_17f4986ac7f4990eb3b95b1b30d5f652

Bowling ball

#1 best stats in age group

  • 59-BR3404-014_Combat_Triple_Tote-Blue_1600x1600_17f4986ac7f4990eb3b95b1b30d
  • 59-BR3404-001_Combat_Triple_Tote-Black_1600x1600_17f4986ac7f4990eb3b95b1b30

Triple roller bag

#2 best stats in age group

Bowling shoes

#3 best stats in age group

  • Team_Brunswick_Accessory_Kit-Mens-White_1600x1600_17f4986ac7f4990eb3b95b1b3
  • 58-504110-XXX_Team_Brunswick_Mens_White_3qtr_Right_1600x1600_17f4986ac7f499

Premier bowling shoes

Overall best stats

* Actual rewards may differ from those pictured, but will be of the type described

** Subject to approval by Brunswick